We are Public Safety Professionals with a passion for IT.

We believe the right solutions is about how your technology gets used — how the hardware and software work together seamlessly to provide solutions that deliver safety, improve efficiency, and enhance incident response capabilities. That’s why you can trust us to design and implement a solution that exceeds your expectations without breaking the bank.



The TRaCK is a self-contained ruggedized communications kit, designed to provide reliable and fast data and voice services, even in remote areas and in less than ideal conditions. The specially designed battery can power your operations for up to 48 hours. Provide connectivity to your team with a flip of a switch.

Development Services

Unitas can provide custom IT Development to enhance your daily operations or emergency response capabilities. No project is too big or too small and we will ensure we do everything we can to meet your needs.


Unitas Solutions has been developing and implementing WebEOC solutions for over a decade. Let us help automate your Emergency Operations Center workflow and provide an easy to use Common Operating Picture for your entire organization.

Our team of experts also have extensive experience in developing WebEOC boards for an organization’s daily operations. Let us help get your users in WebEOC daily to reduce training time and increase efficiencies for emergency operations.


Dashboards are the best way to give your residents, staff, leadership, elected officials a quick look at the important things. Don’t let messy, unstructured data derail briefings, meetings, and emergency response operations.

Unitas can take any of your existing data (CAD, WebEOC, GIS, etc.) and compile it into an easy to use and effective dashboard tailored for the specific end-user.

Our team has developed public safety dashboards with WebEOC, ArcGIS, PowerBI, Domo, Tableau; our team is ready to work within your existing data and eco-system.

Web Development

Does your organization need a quick reference website for on-call/response personnel, document management for SOPs/SOGs, a coordinate hub for a task force or multi-jurisdictional planning?

Unitas has developed a number of custom websites for public safety organizations to address needs such as suspicious activity reporting, crowdsourcing damage assessments, quick reference materials; let us help you solve your organization’s information needs with a custom website or web-enabled process.

Planning & Design

Emergency Operations Centers

Planning and designing an Emergency Operations Center must be a deliberate processed that requires the integrated efforts of individuals and organizations from a variety of disciplines.

Unitas Solutions has an unrivaled team to support the planning and development of your EOC.  Our inhouse experts handle the project management and technology integration and our architecture and engineering partners handle the flow, behavioral design, and physical aspects of the EOC.

Let us help you go from a needs assessment to space planning, to design, and bringing your organization/jurisdiction’s ideal EOC to reality.

Sheriff's department mobile command center in the field.

Mobile Command Post

Your EOC on wheels needs to be just as powerful, if not more powerful, thank your fixed EOC.  The power of a mobile command post lies in technology and space use. For over a decade Unitas has been helping jurisdictions plan and design mobile command units to fit their needs.

We don’t work for a manufacturer or technology provider, so we can give you unfiltered planning, design, and maintenance guidance to ensure your unit does everything you need it to and more.

Consulting Services

In support of your business objectives, everything we do starts with defining your IT strategy. Understanding where you want to take your organization/jurisdiction will allow us to establish a road map for how we are going to get there and how we can energize your path with technology.

Major Projects

Get a dedicated virtual CIO who will help you plan for your future growth, mapping out requirements, aligning business goals, and identifying the right technology solutions to make sure your organization can serve the needs of its customers and users.

Unitas has helped number clients through the planning and development of multiple major projects such as CAD upgrades/replacements, radio system evaluations, IT assessments, etc.

Let our project management and technology experts handle the heavy lifting of these project giving you the ability to focus on the big picture and ensuring your dollars are spent as effectively as possible.


Public Safety agencies do a great job of training their staff for their administrative and response procedures, but what about IT policies?

Don’t let compliance or IT policies be something you worry about. Unitas can help craft government and public safety focused IT policies and procedures to ensure your organization stays compliant and effective.


We have years of experience in developing multi-year IT Roadmaps. From 1 year to 5-year roadmap initiatives, we will provide you with technology recommendations and IT budgeting services to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology investment. We will ensure that the technology you are utilizing right now not only meets your current business requirements but caters to your future growth!